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Why do you need to ground yourself?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The content was extracted from Clinton Ober’s <Earthing> and medical journals.

What is Earthing (Grounding)? How to be grounded?

The earth is the most primitive and ultimate green energy, Grounding can bring numerous benefits to the human body. Grounding, or so-called Earthing, is referred to the situation when the human body connected to the earth electrically to eliminate the excessive static electricity that aims to remain the equal potential between the human body and the earth. However, since we started to wear the insulated shoes, we are not able to be grounded in the normal way, in this case, we can still be grounded by using the grounding products to connect with the earth inhouse.

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Why we need to be grounded? It is the best way to re-connect ourself with the earth.

Why we’re getting less healthy? The static electricity in our body is probably the most neglected cause of all kinds of disease. Therefore, we need to release the static electricity from time to time to avoid accumulating the static in the body and to balance the potential difference between human body and the earth that can in turns improve and prevent the disease. Recovering the potential balance of the human body to the normal charged state could restore the antioxidant system in vivo that fights against the free radicals and maintain the best organs operation. The question is, aren’t we already live on the earth? Why we didn’t get the benefit from the earth? In modern society, we are mostly working and living in insulated environment, wearing shoes, sleep on thick and high mattress, using carpet, living on high floor that nearly getting in touch with the nature. When we’re disconnected with the ground, it’s easy to cause the body producing unnatural inflammatory reaction for a long time that cause immune system disorders and inflammation-related diseases.

It’s still looked kind of abstract and unrealistic, right? We will get into the further information based on biology, medical science, and physics. Before that, let’s see what grounding can do to our health.

The purpose of grounding

  • Grounding protects personnel from short-circuit currents.

  • Grounding protects equipment and personnel from high voltage surges and lightning

  • Provide a safe path to dissipate lightning and short-circuit current.

  • Provided for the operation of sensitive electronic equipment or the overload voltage of electrical equipment a stable platform.

  • Provide protection against static friction

The benefits of using Grounding products

  • Eliminate the excessive static electricity

  • Improve sleep and promote a deeper sleep

  • Increase energy and vitality and immunity.

  • Improve the blood circulation

  • Accelerate wound healing from trauma

  • Less inflammation

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, or anaphylactic.

  • Accelerate recovery of the energy from intense Athletic

What’s the effect and benefit of grounding?

It can quickly reduce inflammation, relieve or eliminate chronic pain, improve blood circulation,

provide oxygen and nutrients to body cells and tissues, reduce stress and fatigue, increase vitality, improve sleeping quality, slow down aging progress, speed up wound healing, better skin, and so on. According to the feedback that proven from the experiment, many say grounding can dramatically improve physical and mental health. As grounding is know to have significant relief effect on immune system disorder and nervous system instability, here’s some examples of the related disease that proved to get different level of benefit from grounding. Heart disease, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, Parkinson's disease, temporomandibular arthritis, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer's disease , stroke, kidney failure, anemia, asthma, autism, eczema, Lyme disease, sleep apnea, hormonal disorders, insomnia, endocrine disorders, digestive symptoms (flatulence, diarrhea, stomach pain), migraine, PMS , cramps, muscle aches, mental disorders (anxiety, mood swings, bipolar depression), cancer, hair follicle inflammation (acne).

“The energy from the earth is the ultimate anti‑inflammatory agent and the best anti-aging material.”

Now, we finally get to the parts about the relationship between grounding and health. We kept emphasized on the idea that the purpose of grounding is to restore the normal charge state of human body, but what does this referring to? How can balanced potential can mitigate inflammation? What is causing inflammation? Why we are aging so fat now? Hold on, let’s dig into it.

Chronic inflammation is the source of all diseases. Is the free radical really that evil?

First, inflammation is one of the important factors that cause the surge in chronic disease, and it’s separated in two types, acute and chronic inflammatory. Acute inflammation is the critical reaction when body get wounded or infected. Under normal circumstance, when body got wounded or invaded by pathogen, the white blood cells will generate free radical to accelerate the process of defeating the bad tissue. The free radical will take the negative electrons from the pathogen or injured tissue to eliminate the damage cells. After the repair process is done, the excessive free radical that generated from the immune effect will be neutralized by the antioxidant or free electrons in the body. This is so called inflammation.

However, chronic inflammation is not that friendly. Even though the free radical is critical in the immune response, if it didn’t retreat after the process is done, it will cause big problem. The free radical will continue to attack and oxidize surrounding healthy tissue and organs that trigger the immune system to operate in super high speed, and in turns, generate more free radicals. When an army of free radical start to invade healthy tissue, the body is literally being repaired while damaged that will harm the body, which leads to chronic diseases, accelerates aging, and shorten our lifespan.

The dysfunctional immune system will make us easy to get sick and hard to recover that will seriously impact patient’s life because the incontrollable immune system will attack own cells, organ, and tissue. For example, Lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and cardiopulmonary disease are all related to chronic inflammation. On the other hands, inflammation will burn the fragile arteries that obstruct blood flow and hinder the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the heart and brain, leading to heart attacks and strokes. It might not only deplete the nerve cells that can easily lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but also stimulate abnormal cells growing and become cancerous tumors.

In sum, chronic inflammation is incurred when the human body didn’t have enough negative electrons to neutralize the excessive free radical that trigger the oxidation.

Grounding, replenish insufficient negative electrons.

Now we need to get to the part that explain the theory based on physics about how we can get the negative electrons from earthing. Why we often heard that we need to release extra static electricity from our body? Why do we emphasize on balancing the potential difference?


In fact, The Earth is just like a battery that charged all the time through solar radiation, lightning, and ultra-high heat deep in the earth’s core. Make all the natural energy flow through the surface of the earth and maintain rhythm and balance within Earth's organisms. And the human body is a chargeable battery that can conducts electricity. Have you ever noticed that when we wake through the beach or grass barefoot, there’s a faint stimulation or weak warm current feeling under the feet sometimes? This is because every human body is composed by dynamic current loops that dozens of trillions of cells follow their preset biochemical reactions to continuously emit and receive energy, just like an electronic device. The flow between cells is controlled by the electric field.

According to the basic physics, the nucleus contains positively charged protons, uncharged neutrons, and negative electrons. When the objects on the earth rub against the earth’s surface, it will cause the electrons in the outer layer of atoms to detach from the atoms that accumulated on the surface of the earth, making the surface negatively charged. And the positive electrons are left in the air, making the sky being positively charged. The status of un-neutralized and unbalanced charge is called static.

When we are not grounded, we just like a light bulb that isn’t connected properly. The light is dimmed or not even on, just like people who live sickly all the time. In other words, we can also comprehend the status as the general grounding idea in electronics industry that connect the device to the ground to avoid occurring short circuits, surges, and disturbances, in turns, damages.

Human body is composed of water and minerals that both are conductors. The soles of the feet are covered with a large number of nerve endings, about 1,300 per square inch. The reason why our feet have more nerve endings than other parts of body is to maintain the connection with the earth that drawing energy from the electromagnetic field through sensory responses. The most important charged object in our body is the heart. Every heartbeat is triggered by the current signal transmit by the heart muscle. When the current is not transmitted correctly (e.g. Arrhythmia), the heart can’t plump the blood effectively.


Now let’s return to the topic that discuss about how static and grounding affect our human body.

Earth is a natural anticoagulant.

The surface potential of blood cells (the amount of negative charge on the surface of the blood cells)

can make the cells repel each other to avoid sticking together. When the surface potential of the blood cells is closer to zero, the blood will be more viscous and harder to flow, with higher risk of coagulation. The higher the blood concentration, the less effective the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. The inability to carry away waste cause the cells and tissues work under less efficiency, and the more susceptible the body is to harmful substances that cause inflammation. The inflamed and viscous blood will make red blood cells easier to gather, causing abnormal blockage that make heart hard to work, and leads to heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, to supply the negative charge by grounding can achieve the blood dilution in the most natural way.

Grounding vs Nerve system

Grounding can quickly stabilize the autonomic nervous system, which in charge of regulating the physiological functions like heartbeat, breathing rate, digestion, sweating, and urination, etc. Excessive sympathetic activity will interfere the calming effect of parasympathetic nerves that often resulting in high blood pressure, arrhythmias, and even increase the unpredictable sudden death. For those people with anxiety, emotional stress, panic, fear, or involuntary muscle contractions that cause headaches, palpitations, and dizziness, grounding appears to be a quick fix.

Grounding vs Allergy

Allergy is a series of hypersensitivity phenomena triggered by the immune system when the human body is exposed to allergic substances that have little effect on ordinary people in the environment. Our immune system will target these substances and initiate the allergic reaction. As mentioned earlier, the immune system might be out of control due to the inflammatory that in turn leads to over-aggressive response, resulting in a even more severe allergic reaction.

Grounding vs Stress, sleep disorder, and obesity.

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. When you are worried, afraid, or nervous, the concentration of cortisol will rise that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, and put the body on the alert until the pressure is gone and cortisol level is dropped. In today’s stressful society, maintaining the high levels of cortisol in the long-term often leads to sleep disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, low immune response, autoimmune diseases, emotional problem, and diabetes, etc., especially making the body prone to inflammation.

Sleeping grounding can adjust the level of cortisol to the natural state that high in day time and low in night time to improve our sleeping condition and relieve the stress. Beside cortisol, it can also affect the level of melatonin, which is known to influence sleep.

Apart from that, when the heavier stress leads to higher cortisol level, it will also increase the appetite and make us prone to relieve stress by eating disorderly. At this moment, our body will try to accelerate the metabolism by producing more cortisol, and instead resulting in gaining weight. Fats create inflammatory substances that lead to high-risk metabolic syndrome, and in severe cases, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

In addition to the lacking of electrons, the electromagnetic fields flooded in our living environment may also be one of the main that harm our body and health.

The electromagnetic field is mainly generated by the power transmission network. When the human body is not grounded, electrons and other charged atoms will interact with the adjacent electromagnetic field, causing unnatural interference. However, when grounded, the earth’s electrons can protect the human body and block the interference. When the positive and negative electricity in the body has been balanced, there will be less effect from the electromagnetic field.

Long exposure to indoor electric fields will increase the risk of inflammation, stress, and degenerative diseases.


Is Grounding that magical?

Re-connect with the ground will not cure your disease directly and entirely, what it does is to let you re-balance the potential difference by re-attaching with natural charge flow from the Earth, so that it can make sure our body systems are working properly by reducing the symptom that cause by lacking of negative charges. At the same time, relieve the stress of nervous system, improve sleeping quality, enhance self-regulation and healing ability. In general, grounding can quickly reduce pain from inflammation.

Why do I feel uncomfortable instead after grounded?

Some people might feel slight tingling sensation when they are grounded. This is not an electric shock, just the feeling caused when the natural healing energy of the earth entering the body. The tingling sensation is caused by a reaction that happened when energy enter and start to recharge, synchronize, and balance the body’s electrical potential. As a result, it can sometimes cause slightly pain in some area that is particularly weak of the body. In addition, grounding might strengthen the detoxification function that the body will go through the process like fatigue, nausea, fever and other Herxheimer reaction symptoms. In this case, we can be grounded in shorter period at the start and slowly increase the time span to let our body adjust and adapt to the condition.

Heads up before grounded.

Besides making sure the selected grounding point is safe and grounded properly, it is also necessary to avoid over-medication. Because the effect of grounding, such as anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory, and others, if you are taking related drugs at the same time, please evaluate first and adjust the medication in time.

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