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How to choose the grounding product? What do I need?

Now we're fully understand what is grounding and why on earth we need to be gorunded. (Unfamiliar? Let's review again. )

We have to choose the suitable product for ourselves. As there are really A LOT OF products in the grounding line, here's the instruction that help you to find your ideal combination.


  1. Choose the main grounding tool based on your needs.

  2. Check the post [The application of the grounding product], select your preferred grounding point that workable in your environment.

  3. According to the selected main grounding tool and grounding point, choose the pairing accessories and tester.

  4. Review again to see if there is anything else you feel like to take it together.

  5. Still think it's complicated? Just choose the grounding set directly.

You might need to know:

  1. Our Wired grounding tools are all made with conductive material that can also release the static and balance the negative charges through corona effect when not connecting with grounding cord.

  2. Wireless product: Slowly neutralize and dissipate static electricity / Wired product : Immediately discharge static electricity through grounding wire.

  3. If you choose the 3rd grounding hole of the socket as the grounding point, please make sure the building actually has set up the grounding system, otherwise, there might instead having the risk of electric shock.

  4. Since the portable wireless ground pad has circuit in it, please do not fold or bend the product.


Check out the products :

Main grounding tool

Grounding accessories

Air Purifier

/MI-2000 can be use as air purifier or paired with grounding patch to relieve the sore and pain on the body.

Grouding Set



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