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BHO is a company combining technology research and development, production, import, and export trade. Due to the diversified industrial structure and all-rounded development of the industrial strategy, and the full involvement of technological advantages, we will continue to introduce highly competitive and high-tech products.

Since its establishment in 1988, BHO has adopted specialized research and development expertise in electrostatic protection technology and cleanroom products. We are well-known in both domestic and overseas for being trustworthy and affirmed, and responsible manufacturing attitude and experience.

BHO is the first brand that introduced the idea of both health physics and medical into the product innovation. With the evidence from medical professionals that indicates that static electricity can cause great levels of impact on the human body and mental health, we have launched a grounding product line that aims to release body static in the most convenient and efficient way.

Based on the strong design indicators and efficient production, the product services have been extended to anti-static OA office furniture, grounding systems and various injection products, OEM product design and manufacturing, clean room engineering, and recently launched the grounding/earthing line that is suitable for everyone.

We will continue to uphold positive and good services and maintain high-quality ESD products to make peoples live in peace with static electricity. At the same time, the R&D team will continue to work hard to develop new products to provide customers with advantages.



Simon Chen



Joanna Chiu

General manager

Business philosophy






  1. Provide high quality products, professional service, and safe transactions to the customer.

  2. Provide our employee stable and growing environment.

  3. Maintain the profit for the company's sustainability.

  4. Provide life solutions to the society and implement CSR.

  5. Implement environmental policies and achieve green energy conservation requirements.

​Brand advantage

At the forefront of the trend, one of the pioneers in the development of anti-static bracelets for the entire Taiwan, and the original creator and producer of the grounding products globally.

We covers a wide range of product lines, and continues to expand.

Posses customized development technology and ability.

Has a number of patented products

Business Principles

What we practice is not only professional, but a commitment to a quality life

What we develop is not just technology, but a professional ideal

What we sell is not only products, but sincere service loyal to our customer

We are not only for the customers, but also a conscientious enterprise based on people


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