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BHO Multifuctional Wireless Portable Grounding Mat

BHO Multifuctional Wireless Portable Grounding Mat

■ The surface of the grounding pad is a conductive and breathable rubber which can receive external static electricity generated by the human body or the environment, and conduct the static electricity to the metal fastener inside the product to introduce the electric charge into the Anti-magnetic wave special metal conductive woven fabric to quickly store the introduced charge. Next, discharge the charge into the antistatic foam leather based on the principle of potential difference then utilize the ion-exchangers inside of the foam surface for ion neutralization action to eliminate the excess static.

■ This pad also can put on the ground connect to the earth directly, it can eliminate the body static without ion neutralization.

■ The monitor module matched with the pad can be connected to the electronic circuit, it can accelerate eliminating the residual electric charge, monitor the circuit connectivity, and assure normal static elimination.

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China ZL 2017 2 0441875.4

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