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BHO HQ and Double-sided Non-slip Antistatic Heel Grounder (Type I)

BHO HQ and Double-sided Non-slip Antistatic Heel Grounder (Type I)

Human body is the largest generator of static electricity that can cause thousands volts by a simple walk. Antistatic heel strap is the professional ESD accessory that designed to avoid releasing this static electricity into sensitive components and protect the user at the same time when the user is walking or standing, while not interfering the general action. It should be wore on both feet to connect with the ground while walking.

  • Conductive heel grounder can transfer all kind of shoes into grounder shoes that you can be grounded whenever standing on any conductive surface (conductive ground, earth, or cement) .
  • Grounder Type I / L : Comfortable, adjustable, suitable for all kind of shoes.
  • To use the product, simply put the grounder on the shoe heel and tuck the conductive strap into the shoe or socks to contact with bare skin.
  • Material: 1. High durability double layer rubber that is antistatic inside and conductive outside.
  • 2. 2mm all black conductive material with conductive nylon grounding strap.
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