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ZYX-209 Electrostatic Wristbands Alarm

ZYX-209 Electrostatic Wristbands Alarm

Electrostatic monitor alarm can be used for real-time and continuous monitoring on the whole grounding system of the product like anti-static wristbands to protect the normal operation of grounding system in anti-static work area for one or two working staffs. This product ensures 100% monitoring on the ESD status of the operators.

This product conforms to the standard ANSI/ESD S20.20 of America Electrostatic Discharge Association and the standard IEC-61340 of the European Electrical Over stress Association. For the electrostatic grounding in the electrostatic protection area (EPA), both standards clearly require ensuring the effective electrostatic grounding that could be achieved by using the electrostatic monitor alarm. Beside using the anti-static product, the operators could also pair with the product to enhance the reliability of grounding to prevent electrostatic damage.


•Alarm type: Sound/Light

•Material: ABS+PC

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