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MTC-VC921 Pocket Digital Multi-meter

MTC-VC921 Pocket Digital Multi-meter

  • Automatic ranging, ACV true RMS measurement
  • Non-contact voltage NCV measurement
  • 3-3/4 digits with 3999 maximum reading
  • Comply with CE EN61010-1 CATII 600V safety certification
  • High testing accuracy, easy to operate
  • Pocket design for easy storage and carrying
  • Built-in watch stick, easy to store without losing
  • Automatic shutdown and overvoltage protection design
  • Size: 124H × 80W × 20D / mm
  • Multiple functions: AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, Diode, turn-on buzzer, duty cycle, Short circuit LED display
  • Resistance Ω: 400Ω±(0.8%+5d), 4k/40k/400k/4MΩ±(0.8%+4d), 40MΩ±(2.0%+4d)
  • DC voltage: 400mV, 4/40/400V±(0.5%+4d) 600V±(0.8%+4d)
  • AC Voltage: 400mV/4/40/400V ±(1.2%+4d), 600V±(1.5%+4d)
  • Frequency: 100/1000Hz/10k/100k/1MHz/10MHz ±(0.1%+2d)
  • Capacitance: 10nF±(5%+2d), 100n/1000n/10µ/100µ/1000µ±(2%+5d), 10mF±(5%+5d)
  • Duty Cycle: 1~99.9%±(0.1%+2d)
  • Short circuit buzzer : 50±30Ω
  • Diode: Range: 0~1.5V / Resolution: 1mV
  • Power: 2 X 1.5V AAA Battery (Not included)
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