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MT-300 Economic Wrist/Foot Strap Test Station

MT-300 Economic Wrist/Foot Strap Test Station

•Used an integrated circuit to assemble on plate, this device is mainly for testing if the wrist strap, heel strap and footwear are workable. Users may use reversible adhesive on the back of the plate to stick on the wall or the desk.

•Easy to use without complicated operating procedure and can simply interpret the result by sound & lighting.

Lightweight, compact, affordable.

•Main Accessories :

(1) Alarm Tester (2) Test Station plate (3) Footplate (4) Connection Cord

•Devise Size : 40 x 35 x 15 mm

•Station Plate size : 150 x 90 x 3 mm --- Size can be customized.

•Footplate size : 300 x 300 x 1 mm

•Power : 1.5 DCV X 2 ( For normal use, it can last over one year)

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