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MI-9000 Pulse DC Ionizer

MI-9000 Pulse DC Ionizer

  • Use the principle of potential balance to effectively eliminate the problem of environmental electrostatic ions.
  • There is no fan, so there will be no secondary pollution due to air circulation.
  • It can absorb suspended particles, allergens, and infectious bacteria in the air to purify the environment and can eliminate smoke and odors. This is a major breakthroughin current static eliminators.
  • Light weight, small size, easy installation, strong function and no space limitation.
  • Can be placed on the table, light steel frame, ceiling, wall, machine/equipment...
  • Dimension : 175(H) x 120(L) x 45 (W) mm
  • Weight : 0.4 kgs
  • Effective range: 24 m2
  • Ion density: 2000K / cm3
  • Ion balance : ± 10%
  • Safety: C/UL(E189537) & CE(C792201)
  • Pulse period: Adjustable (FREQ is used to adjust the change period of the positive and negative ion. )
  • Light sensitivity: Adjustable (SENS)
  • Negative ion voltage: Can be slightly adjusted from 0 to -7 KV
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