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Ionization Air Purifier

Ionization Air Purifier

  • Functions: Purify the air, antibacterial, dusty, allergens, odor removal, smoke removal and dust collection. Generation of Oxygen by negative ion. Neutralization of electrostatic ions.
  • Applicable places: wardrobes, shoe cabinets, kitchens, toilets, cars, computer rooms, portable, various spaces
  • This device absorb and neutralizes dust ions and other impurity ions floating in the air by releasing negative ions. It prevents such impurity particles from floating in the air and entering lungs.
  • This purifier removes the major allergens in air, including pollens, mildew, and various other microscopic particles and germs.
  • It helps to provide clean air and pleasant living space that can reduce the frequency and seriousness of asthma attacks and alleviate Rheumatism pain.
  • Long-term use of this purifier can protect children from the adverse effect of breathing polluted air.
  • Increased the number of negative ions in the working place can bring the nice feeling like being in the woods or on the beach and then increase productivity.
  • Eliminate smoke: reduce the harm of second-hand smoke and residual smoke.
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