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Grounding Cushion Cover

Grounding Cushion Cover

  • Dustproof with low amount of dust generation.
  • High weaving, tensile, tearing, and bonding strength.
  • Breathes well, comfortable, and can be used in both sides.
  • Effectively reducing the static voltage in the human body.
  • Resist corrosion, abrasion, and high temperature.
  • The carbon fiber cloth is washable, no oxidation problems that often happened on silver fiber cloth.
  • It can also works without grounding cord by utilize the corona discharge to balance the static.

•Material : 94% Polyester + 6% conductive carbon filament

•Fabric type : Fine Grid (2.5mm)

•Surface resistance : 10e5-10e6 Ohm

•Static decay time : <0.17 s.

•Color : White / Light blue color

•Snap : 4 mm or 10mm

•Wire matching : can be matched with straight cord, coiled cord, snap, plug styles and any desired accessories.

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