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Grounding Cord

Grounding Cord

Paired with other grounding (Earthing) products.

Stainless cord is a better choice to use outdoor with grounding rod.


A. Material :

  • Stainless cord : Dark gray 2.1mm PU, stainless Steel cord / Anti-UV
  • Copper Tinsel cord : Light gray 2.1mm PU, 10 Strand Tinsel / Anti-UV

B. Cord ends molding : Can be chose in accordance with your demand.

  • 4mm or 10mm female snap
  • 4mm male banana plug
  • 4mm female round socket
  • 4.75mm male plug
  • 4.75mm female D scoket
  • 4.3mm Y type terminal

C. Cord Type :

  • Straight cord : As per require length
  • Coil cord : 3ft(0.9M) ~ 30ft(9M)

D. Resistance : None / 5K / 10K / 51K / 100K / or custimization as demand.

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