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ESD Grounding Heel Strap

ESD Grounding Heel Strap

  • The human body is the largest static electricity generator. A simple walking action can generate thousands volts. The anti-static grounding Heel Strap can prevent this static electricity from being discharged into sensitive components.
  • The grounding heel strap can convert any shoe into Grounding shoes when you stand on any conductive surface (such as grass, soil, sand, concrete).
  • Comfortable, adjustable, suitable for all types of flat shoes.
  • To use, simply slip the heel strap over the sole of shoes and tuck the conductive ribbon into your socks to contact with the skin.
  • Material: Highly durable double-layer non-slip rubber sole (inner white: anti-static, outer black: conductive), conductive nylon ribbon, adjustable D Ring fastening hook and loop strap.

Product No. : BH-911A

  • Item Name : Itype Grounding Heel Strap
  • Features : Changeable ribbons (PN: 900AN)
  • Spec. : width 5cm

Product No. : BH-913A

  • Item Name : L type Grounding Heel Strap
  • Features : Reversible Strap
  • Spec. : width 4cm


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