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Grounding Flip Flops

  • Embedded the specially designed conductive rubber plug into the shoe to electrically connect the human body to the earth, allowing a natural exchange processed between the earth's negative ion energy with the body.
  • Easy to eliminate the body's static electricity by grounding that can receive natural energy at any time, help circulation, and relieve fatigue.
  • The shoes are made of high-quality rubber foam along with soft PVC shoelaces, which is durable, beautiful and comfortable.
Color: Black/White
  • Female's size range: #36 -(240) /#37- (248)/#38 -(256)/#39 -(265) mm
  • Male’s size range: #39 -(250) /#40- (260)/#41 -(270)/#42 -(280) mm /#43(290)mm
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