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ESD U Type Brush

ESD U Type Brush

  • Using at electronic related product, combination for eliminating static and preventing the fricative static when cleaning the products.
  • Harder brushes are used mainly for electronics in manufacturing and service of the circuit boards.
  • Soft brushes are used for cleaning optics, micro-circuits etc.





導電/ 防靜電 P.P.

    10e4 ~ 10e9   Ohm


防靜電 PA尼龍   D:0.2-0.35mm 

    10e7 ~ 10e10  Ohm






Conductive/Antistatic P.P.

  10e4 ~ 10e9 Ohm


Antistatic PA Nylon  D:0.2-0.35mm 

  10e7 ~ 10e10 Ohm


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