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BHO靜電氣健康環 消除靜電 防靜電手環

BHO ESD Health Bracelet

■The inner layer of BHO healthy bracelet that has used special highly conductive material can dissipates static electricity in human body by forming an electrostatic field ring. Referring to [Faraday’s law], this potential energy charges the ions in the blood vessels to improve blood flow and increase blood circulation capacity.

The Band’s special metallic conductor creates [CORONA] discharge effect which equalize the electrostatic potential difference between a human body and surrounding environment. Keep the body’s potential balanced and Free from static interference.

■Easy Wear、Durable、No Particle


■Size: 235X15mm

■Resistivity : 10e3~10e4 Ohm

■Material: Special medical grade , antistatic silicone with high content conductive carbon.

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