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Cordless Antistatic Wrist Strap-Elastic Band

Cordless Antistatic Wrist Strap-Elastic Band

Not suitable for cleanroom.

  • Based on the physics theory of "Corona Discharge” effects and "Points Discharge" that transmit the electric through potential difference to achieve the effect of electrostatic elimination, the product use the "electrostatic engineering" transmission theory to push the electrostatic ions from the human body into the activation area of ​​the device collection box through the characteristics of electrostatic that will pass from high potential to low potential, and use the "skin effect" to push static electricity from the activation area to the static storage, because of the built-in ion exchanger (Low Ionization energy), it can easily provide the electrostatic ions with the same amount of opposite electricity to neutralize, and achieve the static elimination. Between the static storage area and discharge area, there is 1meg resistance to prevent the static from backflow and transmitting.
  • In addition, there is a connecting discharge button on the outside of the device that is connected with the internal conductor loop. It (1) can be used when a large amount of electrostatic charge caused by improper contact with the high static power source, the turnbuckle and the outside air water molecules will process ion neutralization (corona discharge effect), which effectively eliminates static electricity, and achieves the ultimate goal of “static voltage balance”. (2) This screw can be used for potential zeroing function (Simply contact with the ground point). (3) It can be a circuit inspection terminal.
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