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BHO ESD Magnetic Health Bracelet

BHO ESD Magnetic Health Bracelet

  1. Reduce low-frequency radiation damage
  2. Balance potential
  3. Improve sleep quality
  4. Alleviate fatigue
  5. Improve allergic conditions
  6. Stabilize blood pressure and pulse
  7. Reduce restlessness
  8. Eliminate static electricity in the body
  9. Promote blood circulation

10. Relieve nerve pain


The inner layer of BHO healthy bracelet that has used special highly conductive material can dissipates static electricity in human body by forming an electrostatic field ring.

Referring to Faraday’s law, this potential energy charges the ions in the blood vessels to improve blood flow and increase blood circulation capacity.

The Band’s special metallic conductor creates CORONA discharge effect which equalize the electrostatic potential difference between a human body and surrounding environment.

And the magnet can utilize the magnetic line of force to pull the ions to the conductive metal that speed up the balance process. Keep the body’s potential balanced and Free from static interference.


Notice: After the first use, if you feel dizzy, blood circulation speeds up, or other symptoms are the normal function of the product, it means that the body is abnormal. Continue to use it to adjust the body, and the abnormal situation can be improved.


Due to the product having a slight magnetic force, if you are using an insulin pump, pacemaker, or have a sensitivity to magnets, please use it at your own discretion or consult with a physician.

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