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6mm Earthing Fitness Yoga Mat

■ Provide high quality non-slip performance and stable support.

■ Environmentally friendly non-toxic polymer chemically synthesized for safe use.

■ Good softness with good cushioning and elasticity.

■ Black layer is high conductivity, good conduction.

■ Comes with a storage bag for easy carrying and storage.

  • Material: EPP(Environment protection polyvinyl chloride ) Foaming, two color soft mat, black layer is Infused with high content conductive carbon. Carbon is the 2nd most abundant element in the human body after oxygen.
  • Thickness : 6mm
  • Connect snap : 4mm or 10mm
  • Grounding cord : According to the demand to fit with the coil or straight cord, length, Snap size, plug type and concerning accessories.
  • Packing : Yoga storage bag
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