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智慧型自動警報接地監測有線靜電手環 (三合一)

Smart Auto-alarm Grounded Monitoring ESD Cord Wrist Strap (3 In 1)

This device adopts high-tech design, combining the functions of antistatic and static detection. It is an innovative product of the electrostatic revolution. It improves production efficiency and quality assurance. When the detector is not completely connected to the human body or not actually grounded, thewarning sound will be triggered, which is the better replacement of the traditional bracelet and tester that strengthens the sensitivity to monitor the occurrence of product defects at any time.

  • Suitable for cleanroom.
  • It’s the only electrostatic grounding monitor that can be worn on the human body.
  • LED light and buzzer indicator.
  • Light weight, advanced design, easy to operate.
  • Low battery consumption, can last for over 6 months when under correct usage.
  • Effectively ensure the static elimination from human body.
  • It can be used as a general electrostatic wristband when not used as the monitor.
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