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MT-500-1 Grounding Monitor & Detector User Manual

BHO Grounding Monitor can be used for real-time and continuous monitoring and control on anti-static wristbands. It can be used for real-time monitoring on the whole grounding system, so as to protect normal operation of grounding system in anti-static work area for one or two working staff(s). This product ensures 100% monitoring on the ESD status of the operators.

This product is fully in line with the standard ANSI / ESD S20.20 of American Electrostatic Discharge Association and the standard IEC-61340 of the European Electrical Overstress Association. For the electrostatic grounding in the electrostatic protection area (EPA), both these standards clearly require that the effective electrostatic grounding should be ensured, and Grounding Monitor should be used for real-time monitoring and alarm. It can ensures the reliability of grounding to prevent the damage of electrostatic.

1. Product Features

1.1 This product uses the USA original chip, possessing high reliability and stability.

1.2 This product design with two type power

(1). With DC power adaptor -,, with safety-regulations-complied power supply. And it has passed a number of certifications and can be exported to a lot of countries.

(2). With a 9V battery, it can be used when there is no power outlet, and it can be moved at any time to check if the grounding point is good.

1.3 Deterioration design, if the anti-static wristband has failure, the power switch should be manually turned off.

1.4 Alarm sensitivity is easy to be adjusted, it is compatible with the vast majority of anti-static wristbands in market.

1.5 Monitor the operator’s ESD wrist strap or mat and grounding situation at any time, it will automatically and

immediately alarm in case of abnormality.

1.6 The good range of impedance value is less than < 1.38x10e6 Ohm [higher than this value, red light will on]

2. Instructions for use

2.1 First, connect the ground wire of the electrostatic alarm to a reliable ESD ground wire or outlet.

2.2 ① Using DC Power: For safety reasons, be sure to use a safety-certified power supply to power the Grounding monitor with a standard power supply. The DC plug into the input port.

② Using 9V battery: It is convenient to configure in the no-power supply area, only need to check the battery efficiency regularly, and replace it when the power is insufficient.

2.3 Wear the qualified anti-static wristband and plug into the Input port.

2.4 Turn the power switch from OFF to ON, then the alarm begins to work, green light means normal. Red light means abnormal.

2.5 If the alarm becomes red and sounds, when ensuring that the wrist strap is qualified, please check if the grounding point is properly connected.

3. Check the monitor

3.1 If need to check if the monitor itself is working, please try the following steps:

①. Touch the alligator clip with one hand and touch the input hole with the other hand. If the green light is on, the monitor is working properly.

②. Take the alligator clip to contact with the input hole, if the green light is on, the monitor is working properly.

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